Consultation outcome

Balance of Competences review: EU Budget

This consultation was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

This consultation has concluded

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Detail of outcome

This report examines the balance of competences between the European Union and the United Kingdom in the area of the EU budget, and is led by HM Treasury.

It is a reflection and analysis of the evidence submitted by experts, non-governmental organisations, businesspeople, Members of Parliament and other interested parties, either in writing or orally, as well as a literature review of relevant material.

Where appropriate, the report sets out the current position agreed within the government for handling this policy area in the EU. It does not predetermine or prejudge proposals that may be made in the future for changes to the EU or about the appropriate balance of competences.

Feedback received

Detail of feedback received

The analysis in this report is based on evidence gathered during the call for evidence period which ran from October 2013 to January 2014.

During this period, we received over 30 submissions from stakeholders, including European Institutions, the academic community, think tanks, lobby groups and from each of the Devolved Administrations.

A full list of the evidence can be found in Annex A of the report.

Original consultation

This consultation ran from to


Call for evidence on the balance of competences between the UK and the EU on the European Union budget.


Consultation description

The Foreign Secretary launched the Balance of Competences Review in Parliament on 12 July 2012. This follows the Coalition’s commitment to examine the balance of competences between the UK and the European Union. The review will provide an analysis of what the UK’s membership of the EU means for the UK national interest.

Read the Review of the balance of competences for full details of the review programme.

HM Treasury is leading on the strand of the review covering the European Union budget and is seeking views on its application.

This call for evidence document sets out the background to the review on the budget and provides a useful context for those giving evidence.