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Updated guidance for the Magnox workforce

COVID 19: Update 09 April 2020

Time booking, annual leave and public holidays

Please ensure you complete your time booking before finishing work for the Easter break. Provided you have up to date antivirus software enabled you can access Business World (Agresso) from your personal IT equipment to submit/approve timesheets etc. Further advice and time booking codes can be found in the following guidance:

Information for the Magnox workforce on requesting annual leave and time booking codes

Cyber security

With restrictions in movement still in place it is likely that people will spend more time online – even if the weather is good. More time online means more exposure to cyber-security risks. Please remember to stay safe online - you can find some guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre here.

COVID-19: Update 08 April 2020

Free learning resources

We have had a lot of interest from staff seeking to undertake self-directed learning. Below we have listed some of the opportunities that are open to you. These are over and above the wide range of learning resources available on the Magnox Learning Management System (MLMS) which we recently updated to include additional health and safety and mental health packages. You can follow this link to the MLMS


There are circa 1000 free courses which you can access and work through at your own pace, so there is no pressure to complete within a specified timeframe. You can challenge yourself to learn something new, for example a language, or refresh and test your knowledge in an academic or professional subject. If you sign-up you gain access to a personal learning profile and record of achievements earned while studying. The courses range from introductory level through to very advanced level. Durations range from 1 hour through to 75 hours.

IAEA Courses

The IAEA offer a range of 1 hour specialist nuclear/decommissioning topics that range from introduction to radiation protection through to geological disposal. You will need to create an account to access the material.


LinkedIn offer a range of free learning module. Recently they have added a range of packages to support you in working from home.

COVID-19: Update 07 April 2019

Keeping in touch

As we have noted before, working in isolation can be a stressful experience. For this reason it is important that team leaders maintain at least weekly contact with all members of their team – even those that are currently unable to work because of IT or other issues.

We ask that you ensure you speak with your manager or supervisor to help us do so as we report on this weekly.


Recognising that the COVID-19 outbreak is having a significant impact on businesses of all sizes, the Government has issued information and guidance (PPN 02/20) for public bodies on payment of their suppliers to ensure service continuity during and after the outbreak. Magnox has been working closely with the NDA and their other subsidiaries to ensure a consistent approach to the implementation of this guidance.

We have reviewed all our suppliers to identify those that we consider critical during the current pause and for delivery at re-start and these are the ones we shall target first. The NDA have provided a standard form of letter and this has been issued to all suppliers on CEMAR and those identified as critical who are not managed on CEMAR.

Procurement will be following up the letters with dialogue with our key suppliers as identified in the exercise above.

We need to look at three key areas:

  1. Can they continue to deliver meaningful work and be paid as normal?
  2. Is there a contract mechanism that we can enact to provide relief from, eg time or delay damage commitments?
  3. Do they qualify as “at risk” suppliers for payment of the relief envisaged under the Government guidance?

In the case of point 3, NDA are going to provide further guidance, but we will need to keep detailed records of any agreements reached and suppliers will be required to work with us on an open book basis.

COVID-19: Update 02 April 2020

Read the latest guidance for the Magnox workforce

COVID-19: Update 01 April 2020

Support for local communities

Information for the Magnox workforce on coordination of equipment and supplies donations, and guidance on volunteering and local community support.

Guidance for the Magnox workforce on support for local communities

Working from home

For some this will be the first time you have been asked to work from home. The novelty of this may soon wear off, or may already have worn off, especially with the additional restrictions in place around leaving your home. Here is some guidance on working from home.

Guidance for the Magnox workforce on working from home

COVID-19: Update 27 March 2020

A message from Gwen Parry-Jones, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A personal message from Gwen Parry-Jones, CEO, for the Magnox workforce during the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: Update 26 March 2020

Oldbury Technical Centre (OTC) Closure

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 23 March the closure of OTC was brought forward and the building was closed at the end of Tuesday 24 March.


All priority 1 laptops have been completed and are being distributed. The closure of OTC, in addition, has caused delays in distributing laptops to other users.

Secure Information Technology

We are actively seeking and reviewing a range of methods to support Magnox staff in carrying out work whilst away from their normal workplace. We recognise that our staff remain committed to doing whatever they can to support the business.

Please remember we are not permitted to store or process sensitive company information using personal computing equipment.

Staying in touch with your team is key

It is essential that all team leaders stay in regular contact with their teams during this period. The Magnox Executive has asked for a roll call to be completed weekly to ensure this is happening, and understand the operational capability across the company.

HR Business Partners are working with their client groups across sites, functions and programmes to record this weekly.

Line managers are expected to make contact with members of their team at least once a week and this will be recorded to ascertain any impacts on operational capability. Communication on this process is being cascaded through line managers.

COVID-19: Update 25 March 2020

Occupational Health support

Occupational Health (OH) is still functioning remotely and is there to offer advice and support to you and your Line Manager should you require it. OH is able to carry out parts of its role, including management referrals, case management and limited health surveillance medicals over the telephone.

If you do wish to make contact with OH please email where your enquiry will be directed to the appropriate Occupational Health Professional to respond to you.

COVID-19: Update 24 March 2020

Oldbury Technical Centre building closure

The Oldbury Technical Centre building will be closed to all users from close of play on Thursday 26 March. On safety grounds there will be no re-access to the building to personnel except in the case of exceptional safety or operational circumstances and only if cleared by the Asset Management Director

Mental Health Advice

We know that concerns about the current situation, and in particular, self-isolation, working from home, and the reduction in services (including mental health services) can prove difficult. It’s only natural to be worried.

We have provided a range of mental health advice on the Intranet. The latest advice, which addresses some particular conditions, is available in this leaflet:

Magnox coronavirus and mental health leaflet

Providing up-to-date information for the Magnox workforce

In the event of an emergency or incident affecting our sites, such as severe weather conditions, we will update the current status on this page.

The Magnox workforce can also call our business continuity hotline for more details about a current incident.

Magnox Business Continuity Hotline

Telephone 01453 814099; press corresponding number for region/site; enter pin 7511.

For Harwell and Winfrith Sites dial 0800 169 6306.

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