Warning notices to independent schools

DfE letters to independent schools failing to meet the independent school standards for education, safeguarding, governance and other areas of school operation.

If a school receives a warning notice, it must submit an action plan showing how it will meet the independent school standards in future.

Enforcement letters will be sent to schools who persistently fail to meet the independent school standards.

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Published 22 February 2018
Last updated 2 December 2021 + show all updates
  1. Added 'Colours Academy: warning notice'.

  2. Moved Homeschool, Promised Land Academy and Yeshivah Ohr Torah School to 'closed'.

  3. Added 22 warning notices from October 2020.

  4. Added 27 warning notices from September 2020.

  5. Moved 42 notices to closed. Closure dates vary - see individual pages.

  6. Added warning notices for Big Picture Doncaster School, Brooke House Day School, Cannon Hill Girls School, Kirkstone House School, Landmark International School, Lubavitch Yeshiva Ketanah of London, Manorway Academy, Meadowcroft School, Moreton Hall School, Netherleigh and Rossefield School, New Level Academy, Rosemead Preparatory School, Seaton House School, Silverhill School, St Mary’s Independent School, The Belsteads School, The Ryes College and Community, Values Academy.

  7. Added warning notices for January 2020.

  8. Added new notices for Al Jamiatul Islamiyah, Babington House School, Beis Ruchel Girls School - Salford, Cambian Bletchley Park School, Carmel Christian School, Delta Independent School, King Edward's School, New Horizon Community School, New Level Academy, Polwhele House School, Rosemead Preparatory School, Saint Felix School, St Catherine's School, Terrington Hall School, The Vine Christian School, The St Anne's College Grammar School, The Daiglen School. Added updated notices for Tiferes High School, Our Place, Kingsbrook School, Lancaster Steiner School, London Steiner School, Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College, City United Academy, Darul Uloom London, Aurora Eccles School, Sompting Abbotts School, Waverley School.

  9. Moved 22 notices to Closed. Closure dates vary - see individual pages.

  10. Added 10 warning notices from August 2019: Wiznitz Cheder School, Sunrise Primary School, Sunningdale School, Lubavitch Yeshiva Ketanah of London, Catch22 Include Bristol, OneSchool Global UK Nottingham Campus, Apex Primary School, Lewis Charlton Learning Centre, Fusion College and Brighton and Hove Montessori School.

  11. Added July 2019 warning notices

  12. Added information on enforcement letters sent to schools who continue to fail the independent school standards.

  13. Added warning notices for April 2019.

  14. Added 1 notice issued in February and 16 notices issued in March.

  15. Added warning notices for February 2019 and removed warning notices from 2017 for schools no longer under regulatory action.

  16. Added warning notices for January 2019.

  17. Added 15 warning notices from December 2018 to the 2018 collection.

  18. Added 21 warning notices sent during November 2018.

  19. Added 9 warning notices to the 2018 collection.

  20. Added 7 warning notices to 2018 collection.

  21. Added 25 warning notices to 2018 collection.

  22. Added 17 warning notices for 2018.

  23. Added warning notices from February and March 2018

  24. Added warning notices from December 2017 and January 2018.

  25. Added warning notices from November 2017.

  26. Updated to included 10 new notices.

  27. First published.