Useful links

The RPC and Better Regulation Executive (BRE) have compiled a collection of links that may be useful for departments to use when writing impact assessments.

The Better Regulation Framework

This guidance is intended for government officials. If you are developing or implementing policies that will regulate or deregulate business or civil society organisations, this document contains the guidance you will need to comply with the regulatory framework.

RPC Proportionality Guidance

This document has been written by the RPC, in consultation with stakeholders, to help departments and regulators undertake proportionate analysis.

RPC Case Histories

RPC case histories explain how the RPC has addressed new and/or challenging methodological issues in its scrutiny of impact assessments. They are intended to provide a guide for departments and regulators in their preparation of impact assessments.

Impact Assessment template and guidance

This is a template for government officials to use when completing an regulatory impact assessment (RIA) for government policy.

Post Implementation Review template and guidance

This guidance and template is for officials carrying out the analysis to support the recommendations of post implementation reviews (PIR) of legislation. The template provides suggested headings for the findings of a PIR and can be used for both statutory and non-statutory reviews. The use of the template is not mandatory, but is recommended.

EANDCB calculator

The EANDCB calculator provides help for policy officials to calculate the figures needed for their impact assessment. The calculator automatically generates the main figures needed for the impact assessment summary pages, using the profile of costs and benefits for each option.

Green Book

The Green Book is guidance issued by HM Treasury on how to appraise policies, programmes and projects using economics. It also provides guidance on the design and use of monitoring and evaluation before, during and after implementation. It is useful guidance for any economists or policy advisers working in government.

There is also a wide range of supplementary Green Book guidance which provides specific guidance on the economic appraisal of issues such as crime and the environment.

Magenta Book

The Magenta Book provides guidance on what to think about when designing an evaluation. It explains how results can be interpreted and presented, and what should be considered in this process.

Aqua Book

The Aqua Book is a good practice guide to those working with analysis and analytical models.

CMA - Competition impact assessment: guidelines for policymakers

The Competition and Markets Authority guidelines provide policymakers with assistance in identifying markets in which competition might be affected by new policies or spending proposals. They also explain how competition impacts can be assessed.

Published 11 April 2019
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