The Analysis Function in Government

Better Analysis, Better Delivery for the UK

About us

Integration of analytical techniques and scientific methods into the business of government helps achieve better outcomes for decision makers and the public. That is why analysts are needed and based in every government department.

The scale of data available about our society and economy is growing at an unprecedented pace. Alongside the technological changes which provide greater opportunities for analysis, there is an insatiable demand for our analytical services. Collectively, we are already a community of over 15,000 professionals who work on projects which make a difference to the public like:

  • using analytical and scientific models to target interventions for influenza and other health areas
  • collecting and analysing data on the UK economy to evaluate decisions on government spending and taxation
  • using data science predictive analytics techniques to identify tax payer’s debt or late payment behaviour

We have the Analysis Function strategy which explains the vision and supporting objectives for analysis in government.

Our members

Analysis in government covers professional groups who lead analytical and innovative thinking across the world. These groups include:

The Analysis Function career framework gives more information about the Function and its member professions.

Join us

To find out more about a career in analysis, please see the Civil Service Careers site. Jobs within our member professions are advertised on Civil Service Jobs. Entry requirements and qualifications are listed on our member websites and job adverts.

There are a variety of routes into the professions alongside of graduate recruitment, from yearlong placement schemes for university students, to apprenticeships. Details are available on our member websites.

Contact details

General Enquiries:

Analytical Resources:

The Aqua Book

Guidance on producing quality analysis for government

The Green Book

Appraisal and evaluation in central government

The Magenta Book

What to consider when designing an evaluation.

Code of Practice for Statistics


Published 19 March 2018