Taxi statistics

Taxi statistics information.

The Department for Transport’s taxi statistics provide information on the number of licensed taxis and private hire vehicles in England and Wales, including the number designed to be accessible for disabled people. Data are derived from the department’s survey of licensing authorities in England and Wales, which takes place every 2 years. The last survey was carried out in 2015.

Statistics relating to the use of taxis are available from the National travel survey.

Latest taxi and private hire vehicle statistics for England

At the end of March 2015:

  • the total number of licensed taxi and private hire vehicles in England increased by 9.3% to 242,200 between 2013 and 2015. This was the highest number of licensed vehicles since comparable records were first collected in 2005
  • 69% of all licensed vehicles in England were private hire vehicles
  • licensed vehicles in London accounted for 35% of all licensed vehicles
  • there were 297,600 driver licences in England
  • an estimated 58% of licensed taxis were wheelchair accessible, this was 100% of taxis in London

See online tables for statistics for Wales.

Technical information

Taxis (or ‘hackney carriages’) are available for immediate hire and can be hailed in the street (known as ‘plying for hire’). Taxis can also accept pre-bookings. Private hire vehicles (PHVs) (sometimes known as ‘minicabs’) must be pre-booked and cannot use taxi ranks. It is illegal for PHVs to ply for hire.

These statistics are collected through a survey of the 316 licensing authorities in England and Wales (lower tier local authorities, and Transport for London). Survey responses account for over 95% of published totals. Where a figure is not provided, a response to previous surveys is carried forward. In a few cases, authorities report that figures are estimated, or relate to time points other than 31 March. However, these factors are unlikely to have a significant impact on the national and regional level figures.

National statistics

National and regional level statistics published in this series are National Statistics. Taxis statistics were assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as National Statistics in February 2013.

Assessment of statistics on maritime, road traffic, bus, taxi, light rail and disabled parking badges

Figures for individual licensing authorities are less robust and therefore are outside the scope of National Statistics.

Pre-release access list

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Data tables

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