Sellafield Ltd incident reports and notices

Sellafield Ltd is committed to keeping the public informed about operations on the Sellafield site.

Below you will find details of operational issues and events.

Sellafield incident report - personnel contamination event - published 09 March 2018

An employee was contaminated during operations in one of our analytical laboratories at Sellafield.

This was identified following routine internal dosimetry monitoring tests which are carried out on our nuclear workers.

An assessment confirmed that the radiation dose received was significantly less than the annual limit allowed for an individual.

The employee suffered no ill effects and did not require any time off work.

Sellafield incident report - powder spillage - 15 January 2018

During routine sampling work in a Sellafield drum filling area, a bottle containing uranium trioxide powder accidentally fell to the floor causing approximately 100-150g to spill out.

The operator handling the samples was wearing the correct personal protective equipment and the correct safety procedures were followed.

There was no personal contamination or ingestion by the operator and the contamination was contained in the immediate work area. An investigation has been carried out, and we are now considering the actions required to address the findings.

The event has been rated 0 (anomaly) on the International Nuclear Events Scale.

Level 1 represents the lowest severity, known as ‘anomaly’, rising to Level 7: ‘major incident’.

Sellafield is regulated by the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency.

Some of these reports are graded using the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES).

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