Scotland analysis

This series brings together all Scotland analysis programme documents, helping to inform the debate about Scotland's constitutional future.

Ahead of the Scottish independence referendum, to inform the debate about Scotland’s constitutional future, the UK government is undertaking a programme of analysis on Scotland’s place in the UK and how it contributes to and benefits from being part of the UK.

The work will provide people in Scotland with the facts and figures that are currently unknown or taken for granted, and explain how the UK in its current form works.

Who we’re working with

A number of government departments are involved in this analysis. We are also working with independent experts including think tanks, academics, economists, lawyers and specialists from different sectors and areas of expertise.

Further information

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Published 8 October 2013
Last updated 18 June 2014 + show all updates
  1. added United Kingdom, united future: Conclusions of the Scotland analysis programme

  2. Updated with newly released analysis paper on fiscal sustainability.

  3. Published 'Scotland analysis: work and pensions'.

  4. Analysis of how Scottish independence would effect the energy markets and energy bills.

  5. Short comparative analysis published by HM Treasury of forecasts for the Scottish deficit in 2016-17.

  6. Added HM Treasury paper on 'Assessment of a sterling currency union'

  7. Scotland analysis: borders and citizenship added.

  8. Scotland analysis: EU and international issues added 17 January 2014

  9. Scotland analysis: science and research published.

  10. 'Scotland analysis: security' issued by Home Office.

  11. First published.