School census: closed collections

Documents for software suppliers and anyone else interested in past school census collections.

If you are looking for documents for the current school census collection, visit our guide to submitting data for the school census.

The documents on this page relate to recently closed school census collections, including:

  • the scope of the collection
  • technical specifications
  • what data needed to be submitted

You can find documents related to earlier school census collections on the National Archives website. Note: the search function is not available on archived content so please use the filters on the left of each page.

2017 to 2018 school census guides

2016 to 2017 school census guides

2015 to 2016 school census guides

2014 to 2015 school census guides

Autumn 2014 school census guides

Spring and summer 2014 school census guides

Spring and summer 2014 technical guides

Published 9 December 2013
Last updated 24 August 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added 2017 to 2018 guides.
  2. Added 2016 to 2017 documents to page: guide for schools and LAs, funding report guides, the business and technical specification, and the summary reports.
  3. Added 'School census autumn 2015: 16 to 19 funding reports guide' and 'School census spring 2016: funding report user guides'.
  4. Created '2015 to 2016 school census guides' group and added 2015 to 2016 guide, technical specification, XML schema files and validation rules, and summary report specifications.
  5. Added 2014 to 2015 school census guides.
  6. Added spring census 2015 documents about infant class size validation, funding reports, term-on-term COLLECT checks, and notepad entries for COLLECT queries.
  7. This page now only contains documents relating to closed school census collections.
  8. Added school census autumn 2014 to 2015 guides about using duplicate reports, understanding school funding reports and term-on-term checks. Added 'School census 2014: notepad entries for COLLECT queries' to 2014-2015 census information.
  9. Added COLLECT user guides to autumn 2014 to summer 2015 census information section.
  10. Added school census autumn 2014 to summer 2015: XML schema files
  11. Added census information the autumn 2014 to summer 2015 returns.
  12. Added 'School census autumn 2014 to summer 2015: school summary report'.
  13. Added technical specifications and validation rules for the 2014 to 2015 academic year school census collections.
  14. Added: 'School census spring 2014: funding report guides'.
  15. Added: 'School census spring 2014: validation queries and notes'.
  16. Added: COLLECT guide for use by academies and other non-maintained schools
  17. Added: Guide to editing data in COLLECT
  18. Added: COLLECT guides for local authority and school users returning data for the 2014 school census
  19. Added: New release (version 1.5) of the validation and school summary XSLT files for the school census spring 2014.
  20. First published.