River Wey: reducing flood risk

The Environment Agency is working with its partners to develop the Wey flood alleviation schemes to reduce flood risk to local communities.

River Wey schemes: an overview

The River Wey is a river in South East England and is one of the major tributaries of River Thames. The north River Wey starts at Alton in Hampshire. The south River Wey starts near Haslemere in Surrey. These rivers combine at Tilford in Surrey to form the main River Wey, which joins the River Thames near Weybridge.

River Wey schemes

Information the the flood alleviation schemes along the River Wey.

  1. Godalming flood alleviation scheme

    • Policy paper
  2. Guildford flood alleviation scheme

    • Policy paper
  3. Byfleet and Weybridge flood alleviation scheme

    • Policy paper
  4. River Wey: weirs refurbishment scheme

    • Policy paper

Temporary defences

Information on the temporary defence deployment in Guildford, Godalming, Sanway and Byfleet.

  1. Godalming temporary defences

    • Policy paper
  2. Guildford temporary defences

    • Policy paper
  3. Sanway and Byfleet temporary defences

    • Policy paper
Published 30 August 2017