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RPC Published Opinions

The RPC assesses the quality of evidence and analysis used to inform regulatory proposals affecting the economy, businesses, civil society, charities and other non-government organisations. Our independent advice helps ensure that ministerial policy decisions are based on accurate evidence. Where we assess the impact of regulatory proposals, we provide advice in the form of opinions.

RPC Guidance and Case Histories

To view RPC guidance for departments, regulators, businesses, stakeholders and civil society organisations, please follow the link to our main guidance collection page. This can also be found on the featured links on the main RPC page which is separate to the RPC publications collection.

RPC Reports

Regulatory Policy Committee - Business Plan 2019-2020

The Regulatory Policy Committee’s 2019-2020 business plan sets out its corporate plan for the 2017-2022 parliament and its business plan for 2019-2020. The business plan also contains information on the RPC’s structure and budget, and the way the RPC measures its performance.

Regulatory Policy Committee - Framework Document

This document sets out the broad framework within which the RPC operates as an advisory non-departmental public body of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and the relationship it has with Better Regulation Executive as the sponsor for the RPC.

Annual Reports

The RPC reports on departmental performance, the scrutiny system and the quality of analysis, which we publish in our annual reports.

Business Impact Target (BIT) Reports

These reports cover an overview of the impact of measures qualifying against the BIT, and of significant departmental non-qualifying measures implemented during the relevant period.

Corporate Reports

The RPC provides the government with external, independent scrutiny of the impact of new regulatory and deregulatory proposals on business and civil society. These reports provide a stocktake of the RPC’s work across each reporting period, and outlines its vision and priorities for the coming year.

RPC Transparency Data

Regulatory Policy Committee - meeting minutes

The RPC holds regular meetings where the committee assembles to discuss: better regulation policy updates; methodology; forthcoming regulation; stakeholder engagement; guidance we have produced; and our own performance.

The Register of Interests

We ensure that, where there are conflicts of interests between committee members and the subject of regulatory proposals, committee members are excluded from seeing these papers. This helps our independent scrutiny remain impartial and unbiased. To keep track of any conflicts of interest we update our register of interests regularly.

Gifts and Hospitality Register

We comply with general BEIS guidance for gifts and hospitality. All gifts, hospitality and other services whether offered, accepted or rejected need to be registered within three days of being been offered. We keep our gifts and hospitality register updated regularly.

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