Public service pensions increases

Public service pensions increase multiplier tables for each year.

Public service pensions are increased under the provisions of the Pensions (Increase) Act 1971 and Section 59 of the Social Security Pensions Act 1975. The latter provides for public service pensions to be up-rated at the same time and by the same percentage as the increase in the additional pension provided under the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPs), which is based on the September-to-September increase in the Consumer Prices Index (CPI). The underlying purpose of this legislation is to maintain the purchasing power of state retirement and public service pensions.

The multiplier tables are produced to help scheme administrators correctly apply the annual increase to public service pensions, taking into account increases from previous years.

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Multiplier tables

  1. Public service pensions increase: 2017

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  2. Public service pensions increase: 2016

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  3. Public service pensions increase: 2015

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  4. Public service pensions increase: 2014

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