Powers of attorney and deputy orders: valid examples

Official samples of lasting powers of attorney, an enduring power of attorney and a deputy order.

The Office of the Public Guardian protects people in England and Wales without the mental capacity to make certain decisions for themselves. We also help people plan ahead for others to make decisions for them if they find it difficult to or can’t because they no longer have mental capacity.

There are 3 types of legal documents that give someone the power to make such decisions – about health and welfare or property and money – for someone else: lasting powers of attorney, enduring powers of attorney and deputy orders.

Below you’ll find links to samples of these documents. These samples are meant to help people identify valid powers of attorney and deputy orders.

Notes beneath each type of document explain the marks and other details that make the document valid. There are also links to more information about the authority each document gives the user.

Lasting powers of attorney

Samples of registered lasting powers of attorney

Enduring powers of attorney

Sample of a registered enduring power of attorney

Deputy court order

Sample of a deputy court order

Published 30 August 2016