Major projects knowledge sharing

Capturing good construction practice for Highways England and our suppliers

We consider ideas for improvement and, if accepted, make them available to our partners for use on other projects via the major projects knowledge bank.

We share ideas with other project teams in good faith, with an assurance of their success and demonstrable good value. It is the responsibility of the appropriate project team to assess an idea’s applicability (including risks, departures, costs and benefits).

Knowledge sharing ideas are available to view on the UK Government Web Archive

Where relevant, ideas will be considered for inclusion in Highways England Toolkits and Lean initiative knowledge transfer packs.


For more information and to submit ideas to knowledge sharing project contact the major projects knowledge and capability team

Knowledge sharing documents

How to submit an idea for consideration by the knowledge sharing verification group.

We include approved ideas in the major projects knowledge bank for use on other major road schemes.

We also capture evidence of an idea’ successful re-use.

Published 1 January 2010