Journey time statistics

Information and statistics on journey times.

This page lists all ad hoc journey times statistical analyses that have not been included in our standard publications.

Journey Time Statistics provide estimates of journey times down to a small area geographical scale for the whole of England. The access to services analyses within the Journey Time Statistics series provide estimates of journey times to important services (covering food stores, education, health care, town centres and employment centres) for the populations who use them, for 2014 onwards. They replace the earlier accessibility statistics collection published for 2007 through to 2013, which used a similar but different method and are not comparable with the new series.

The connectivity analyses within the Journey Time Statistics series are an experimental development which provide estimates for longer journeys to access fewer, more strategically significant destinations (in the first instance, transport hubs). They replace the earlier connectivity statistics releases published in 2014 and 2015 using the older method.

The planned release of the ‘Journey time statistics: 2016’ on 26 April 2018 has been postponed until 24 May 2018. The publication has been delayed due to the increased volume of data on travel times which needs to be processed and to ensure we have sufficient time for quality assurance on this larger dataset.

Any further updates concerning the timings of the release of this publication or the Journey time statistics in general, will be made on the forthcoming publications section of the Statistics at DfT homepage and on this page.

Technical information

These statistics are derived from the analysis of spatial data on public transport timetables; road, cycle and footpath networks; population and service locations.

Journey time statistics guidance

National statistics

All of the statistics published are official statistics. The department’s view is that all statistics which are not designated as national statistics are robust and have been produced to a suitable standard.

Connectivity travel time data sets

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We continuously review the content of these statistics to ensure they are meeting users’ needs. We continue to welcome any feedback on these statistics.

Journey time statistics

Journey time publications

  1. Journey time statistics: 2015 (revised)

    • Official Statistics
  2. Journey time statistics: access to services 2014

    • Official Statistics

Data tables

  1. Journey times to key services (JTS01)

    • Statistical data set
  2. User access to key services by journey time (JTS02)

    • Statistical data set
  3. Number of key services by journey time (JTS03)

    • Statistical data set
  4. Journey times to key services by local authority (JTS04)

    • Statistical data set
  5. Journey times to key services by lower super output area (JTS05)

    • Statistical data set
  6. Journey times connectivity (JTS09)

    • Statistical data set
  7. Ad hoc journey times analysis (JTS10)

    • Statistical data set

Experimental connectivity statistics

Earlier version of connectivity statistics, produced for 2011 to 2013. The connectivity statistics are now included in the Journey Time statistics series.

Experimental connectivity statistics: data tables

Accessibility statistics

Earlier version of access to services statistics, produced for 2007 to 2013. Very similar to the new collection but not directly comparable.

  1. Accessibility statistics: 2013

    • Official Statistics

Accessibility statistics: data tables

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