Internet of things review

Review looking at the opportunities and risks from the internet of things.

The internet of things (IoT) describes a world in which objects that form part of our everyday lives contain microchips that can communicate through various networks.

Many millions of us already carry smart phones, but this is just the beginning. In the future everything from household appliances to clothing will include sensors that can measure our health, our journeys and the environment in which we live. Real examples include:

  • electricity meters that talk to the grid to get you the best deals
  • health monitors that keep an eye on your heart rate
  • water pipes that warn of a fall in pressure

This technology will help us to socialise, navigate and interact with the world in ways that we can barely imagine.

This review, commissioned by the Prime Minister, explores how we can exploit the potential of the internet of things. It recommends 10 actions for government to maximise the opportunities and reduce the risks of these new technologies.

The IoT Ecosystem event at Nesta

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Published 1 September 2014
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