Icelandic-Water Trawlermen Compensation Scheme

The scheme was for former trawlermen who fished in Icelandic waters and lost their livelihoods during the Cod Wars of the 1970s.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills launched the new Icelandic-Water Trawlermen Compensation Scheme on 31 July 2009. The scheme is now closed for applications.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s report on the investigation into the Icelandic-Water Trawlermen Compensation Scheme 2009 found maladministration by the department. The report recommended that the department apologise and pay all 2009 scheme applicants £1,000, except where any of the following applied:

  • new claimants to the 2009 scheme didn’t provide information relating to Icelandic waters fishing when the department asked for it
  • the claimant had finished fishing in Icelandic waters before 1 January 1974
  • the claimant had been paid the maximum £20,000 maximum under earlier schemes
  • claimants were personal representatives or executors of a deceased former trawlermen who didn’t provide evidence required by the department of their status (eg a letter of administration’ or grant of probate)


Published 30 March 2012