Household characteristics

This series brings together all documents relating to Household characteristics

This series covers trends in:

  • number of households by tenure
  • length of residence by tenure
  • economic status by tenure
  • household type by tenure
  • current tenure by previous tenure for households that have moved in the past 12 months
  • overcrowding by region
  • average household size by accommodation type.

Data tables in this section are mainly derived from:

  • the former survey of English housing (SEH), a continuous household survey based on interviews with an annual sample of 20,000 private households
  • the labour force survey (LFS), also a continuous household survey but based on a much larger sample of households than the SEH

In 2008 the SEH was merged with the English house condition survey to form the new English housing survey. Updates for individual tables previously based on SEH or LFS data are therefore not available here.

The SEH was designed to provide the Department for Communities and Local Government with information on the housing arrangements and preferences of private households, thereby providing answers to a range of information needs that arise in developing and monitoring housing policies. The SEH provided key housing data on tenure (owner occupiers, social renters and private renters) and the attitudes of households to their area.



Live tables

  1. Live tables on household characteristics
Published 14 November 2012