Flood Action Campaign 2019

A national annual flood awareness campaign to encourage people to know what to do to protect themselves and their property in a flood.

Know what to do in a flood

The Flood Action Campaign 2019 aims to help householders, businesses and communities better understand and manage any flood risks that they face.

The campaign has a clear call to action for those living in a flood-risk area: know what action to take in a flood and get prepared in advance.

To help people know what to do, we have developed a simple Prepare Act Survive plan with an easy to follow set of instructions.

The campaign also warns about the risks of driving through flood water, the number one cause of death during flooding.

The Flood Action Campaign supports the 25 year environment plan, and the National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England.

Become a campaign partner

We are keen to hear from commercial and charitable organisations that are interested in joining our campaign. We are holding a presentation in London on 22 July 2019 for partners to find out more.

Please email to express an interest.

You can follow the campaign on twitter by searching #PrepareActSurvive.

Alternatively, you can like the Environment Agency Facebook page or follow us on Instagram to see the latest campaign activity.

Government policy

We will work with others to help people to know what to do to protect themselves and their property in a flood. These documents set out our targets and what is expected from others helping us to achieve them.

What to do in a flood

Find out if you’re at risk of flooding in England

Prepare for flooding

Floods destroy campaign

Flood and coastal erosion: risk management authorities

Published 17 June 2019