An outline of the funding schemes available under Round 21 of the Darwin Initiative and how to apply.


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The Darwin Initiative is a UK government grants scheme that helps to protect biodiversity and the natural environment in developing countries and UK Overseas Territories (OTs).

Darwin-funded projects usually aim to help preserve biodiversity and the local community that lives alongside it. Most projects will include one or more of:

  • building environmental knowledge
  • capacity building
  • research
  • implementing international biodiversity agreements

Project funding in developing countries

Funding from the Darwin Initiative is available for projects that will benefit biodiversity and local communities in developing countries. There are 4 separate schemes:

Project funding in UK Overseas Territories

The Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund (Darwin Plus) provides funding for projects in the UK’s Overseas Territories

‘Please note: In line with UK Government’s open access policy there is now a requirement for all outputs from Darwin-funded projects to be made available on-line and be free to users whenever possible. The guidance notes have been amended accordingly (6 June 2014)

Existing Darwin projects

Documentation, forms and other resources for on-going Darwin projects are also available.

Reports and publications

The Darwin Initiative publishes materials about the activities of the Initiative at programme and project level. This includes a quarterly newsletter, learning notes and reviews and proceedings from Darwin workshops.


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