Community innovation survey

This collection brings together all documents relating to the community innovation survey (CIS).

The UK innovation survey (UKIS) is part of the wider Community Innovation Survey (CIS) covering European countries. The survey is voluntary and conducted by both a postal questionnaire and telephone interview. The UKIS is conducted every 2 years.

Business innovation is a vital ingredient in raising the productivity, competitiveness and growth potential of modern economies. Providing the right economic conditions for, and using appropriate policy instruments to encourage innovation in the UK is a central objective. Measuring the level of innovation activity in the UK and identifying where policy might be best targeted contributes to the pursuit of that objective.

The community innovation survey complements other indicators of innovativeness by providing a regular snapshot of innovation inputs and outputs and the constraints faced by UK businesses in their innovation efforts, across the range of UK industries and business enterprises. It has the additional benefit of providing the basis for some comparisons with other European countries.

The survey includes sections on factors that hamper innovation, the impact of innovation on the business and the sources of information used. It also touches on aspects of the wider innovation process, such as the introduction of new management techniques.

The previous Community innovation survey, CIS 7 and 8, took place in 2011 and 2013 respectively. Prior to this CIS6 took place in 2009, CIS5 in 2007, CIS4 in 2005, CIS3 in 2001, and CIS2 in 1997. Analyses of the results of these surveys are available.


  1. UK innovation survey 2017: main report
  2. UK innovation survey 2017: headline findings
  3. UK innovation survey 2015: statistical annex and interactive report
  4. UK innovation survey 2015: main report
  5. UK innovation survey 2015: headline findings
  6. UK innovation survey 2013: statistical annex
  7. UK innovation survey 2013: first findings
  8. UK innovation survey: highly innovative firms and growth
  9. UK innovation survey 2011: analysis of innovation, skills and performance in the economic downturn
  10. UK innovation survey 2011: statistical annex [revised]
  11. UK innovation survey 2011: first findings
  12. Innovation survey 2009: statistical annex
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