Community innovation survey

This collection brings together all documents relating to the community innovation survey (CIS).

The UK Innovation Survey (UKIS) is part of the wider Community Innovation Survey (CIS) covering European countries. Because the questions in the CIS are harmonised across Europe, UKIS data are directly comparable with responses from other countries. This provides useful international benchmarking for UK performance.

The survey is conducted every two years. UKIS 2019 is the UK contribution to the eleventh Europe-wide Community Innovation Survey (CIS).

UKIS is the main data source for business innovation in the UK. It is used widely across government to help improve policy and by the research community for understanding the innovation landscape.

The survey focuses on firm adoption of innovation through new and improved products and services, investments in different types of innovation and changes in business structures, management, design and marketing innovations. The survey also asks businesses about the drivers which motivate and barriers to innovation.

The latest UKIS 2019: main report can be found in the Documents section below, as can the UKIS 2019: headline findings report. Further reports and statistical annexes back to 2009 can be also be found in this Documents section.

Please note that the 2019 and 2017 statistical annexes, which accompanied UKIS 2019 main report and UKIS 2017 main report, are located in the appropriate main report document and are not separate documents. Separate statistical annex documents were produced in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015. More historic information prior to 2009 is available from the National Archives website.


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