Case management guidance

Guidance for youth offending teams and managers on how to work with children and young people in the youth justice system.

It contains:

  • information on what you need to do
  • implications of legislation
  • practical advice

You should use it with:

You can also use it to:

  • induct new staff
  • support case managers
  • find out more about the youth justice system if you work for a partner agency

Case management guidance

The sections are:

  1. How to use out-of-court disposals
  2. Work in court
  3. Manage bail and remand
  4. Assess young offenders
  5. How to use reports
  6. Use community interventions
  7. Custody and resettlement
  8. Ways to improve quality
  9. Support parents of young offenders
Published 15 October 2014