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Biofuels statistics documentation and information.

This page features information on the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO). It includes information on the percentage of road fuel supplied in the UK that is made up of renewable fuel and well as information on its sustainability.

Most of the statistics are derived from data held by the RTFO team, which administers the RTFO in the United Kingdom.

Technical information

This section provides technical information, notes and guidance relating to biofuels.

The RTFO requires suppliers of fossil fuels to ensure that a specified percentage of the road fuels they supply in the UK is made up of renewable fuels. As well as obliging fuel suppliers to meet targets for the volumes of biofuels supplied, the RTFO requires companies to submit reports on the carbon and sustainability of the biofuels.

The information contained in the provisional quarterly reports is based on unverified claims made by suppliers. It should be viewed as indicative rather than definitive. Verified data is published annually and can be found via the links below. Those using these statistics should be aware that while in the majority of cases there is little discrepancy between a company’s provisional and verified data, in some instances the difference has been significant. Further information on provisional data is contained within the reports themselves.

Biofuel statistics: notes and definitions

National statistics

All of the statistics published in this series are Official Statistics. The department’s view is that all statistics which are not designated as National Statistics are robust and have been produced to a suitable standard.

Pre-release access list

The post holders given access to these statistics up to 24 hours prior to release are available in the Biofuels statistics pre-release access list.

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Obligation Year 7 biofuels data

  1. Biofuel statistics: Year 7 (2014 to 2015), report 1

    • 6 November 2014
    • Statistics
  2. Biofuel statistics: Year 7 (2014 to 2015), report 2

    • 5 February 2015
    • Statistics
  3. Biofuel statistics: year 7 (2014 to 2015), report 3

    • 7 May 2015
    • Statistics

Obligation Year 4 biofuels data

  1. Biofuel statistics: Year 4a (2011 to 2012)

    • 26 April 2012
    • Statistics
  2. Biofuel statistics: Year 4 (2011 to 2012), report 5

    • 1 November 2012
    • Statistics
  3. Biofuel statistics: Year 4, (2011 to 2012), report 6

    • 7 March 2013
    • Statistics

Obligation Year 3 biofuels data

  1. Biofuel statistics: Year 3 (2010 to 2011)

    • 11 August 2011
    • Statistics

Archived data

  1. Biofuel statistics: Year 1 (2008 to 2009)

    • 28 August 2013
    • Statistics
  2. Biofuel statistics: Year 2 (2009 to 2010)

    • 28 August 2013
    • Statistics