Barneycraig mine water treatment scheme

Information and updates on the proposed Barneycraig mine water treatment scheme in the North Pennines, England.

The Coal Authority is working with the Environment Agency to clean up pollution from abandoned mines.

Metal Pollution

Due to the historical mining heritage in the area, local rivers are being polluted by metal-rich water from adit discharges and spoil heap run off.

To address the pollution and improve the water quality within the local watercourses, we are proposing to construct a mine water treatment scheme

The River West Allen is the sixth (equal) worst metal polluted river in England.

As a consequence, the river life is severely damaged by the metals in the water.

The river contains lead, zinc and cadmium which are contributing to pollution in the River South Tyne, up to 40km downstream.


  1. Barneycraig mine water treatment scheme
Published 7 October 2016