Appeals and directions on industrial emissions

Directions to regulators under the Environmental Permitting Regulations, and appeals against pollution control decisions by regulators.

Guidance manual for local authorities

Appeals and directions

All appeal decisions and directions issued between 2006 and 2012 are available on the National Archives website.

The appeal procedures are described on the Planning Inspectorate website.

Directions to transfer regulatory duties

Directions made under regulation 33 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations to transfer the regulatory duties from the Environment Agency to the relevant local authority or vice versa.

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Published 2 January 2012
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  1. Added directions for Friction Energy Limited: Exercise of Functions Direction 2021.

  2. Added directions for Linston Ltd., Tudor Griffiths Ltd., Fine Grinding Ltd., ITW Ltd., and AMG Superalloys UK Ltd.

  3. Added directions relating to processes to be regulated by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and Richmondshire District Council, rather than the Environment Agency.

  4. Added Tricoya Ventures UK Limited: direction on Environment Agency functions.

  5. Added Astar Waste Ltd. direction.

  6. Added a direction giving the local council power to regulate Linston Ltd for the storage, treatment and disposal of waste.

  7. First published.