Air quality and emissions statistics

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We are tweeting about the current pollution event via the Defra Air Quality. Poor air quality can have particular implications for those with vulnerable health conditions.

This series contains national and official statistics on the emission and concentrations of major atmospheric pollutants. There are many sources of air pollution, including power stations, traffic, household heating, agriculture and industrial processes.

Some air pollutants directly affect us or our environment because they are harmful chemicals and others because they can react in the environment to produce harmful chemicals. Other pollutants or pollutant combinations upset the natural balance of acidity and nitrogen in the environment. Air pollution can be quantified in two ways – the level of air pollutant emissions and air pollutant concentrations and the resulting air quality.

Between 8 November to 23 November 2012 the Department for Food and Rural Affairs consulted on streamlining the statistical releases on i) emissions of air pollutants in the UK, and ii) air quality statistics in the UK to provide a more coherent release service to users. The outcome of the consultation was to streamline the publication of statistical statistics on air quality. The Air Quality Statistics in the UK will now be a single release published in April 2013 and the Emissions of Air Pollutants Statistics in the UK will now be a single release published in December 2013.

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  1. Air quality statistics

    • National Statistics
  2. Emissions of air pollutants

    • National Statistics
  3. Column ozone measurement

    • Official Statistics
  4. Acidification and eutrophication of sensitive habitats

    • Official Statistics
  5. Local pollution control statistics

    • Research and analysis

Statistical datasets

  1. ENV01 - Emissions of air pollutants

    • Statistical data set
  2. ENV02 - Air quality statistics

    • Statistical data set
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