Academy for Social Justice Commissioning events

Details of the Academy for Justice Commissioning’s events programme and presentations from previous events.

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Our events programme includes monthly evening seminars with guest speakers, which take place in Bristol, Leeds, London and Manchester.

We also hold ad hoc workshops and a commissioning-themed annual conference.

All our events are free to attend and they offer the opportunity to network and share best practice with your commissioning colleagues.

You must be a member of the Academy for Social Justice Commissioning to attend these events. Membership and services are free - simply complete the member registration form under our Membership section.

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Evening seminars coming up

Past seminar information and presentations

An overview of each seminar with:

  • details of speakers
  • presentations
  1. Manchester seminar - Engaging offenders: (13 Sept 2018)
  2. London seminar: What would it take to end homelessness? (11 Sept, 2018)
  3. Leeds seminar: Complex commissioning for complex needs (6 Sept, 2018)
  4. Leeds seminar: Under represented, Under pressure and Under resourced (5 July 2018)
  5. London Seminar: Understanding outcomes, measures and metrics (3 July, 2018)
  6. Bristol seminar: Complex commissioning for complex needs (26 June, 2018)
  7. London seminar: Complex commissioning for complex needs
  8. London seminar - The Lammy Review: bringing to life recommendations 31 and 32
  9. Manchester seminar: Innovation to increase the use of community sentence treatment requirements
  10. Bristol seminar: We need to talk about Women
  11. Manchester seminar: Outcomes-based Commissioning: Learning from Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds
  12. London Seminar: Co-commissioning a devolved Work and Health Programme in London (22 Mar 2018)
  13. Manchester seminar:Reflections on the delivery of probation services and the commissioning of probation services
  14. Bristol seminar: Transformational change for people with complex needs: Whole systems for whole people
  15. Manchester seminar - Coaching's Impact on Social Exclusion: Measuring Hearts and Minds
  16. Manchester seminar: 'Cooperating Out of Crime?' What can cooperatives bring to prisoner rehabilitation? (21 Nov, 2017)
  17. Conference: Valuing Commissioning? Commissioning Value? slidepack (15 November, 2017)
  18. London Seminar: Achieving better outcomes for young people affected by sexual exploitation (1 Nov 2017)
  19. Leeds seminar: Improving rehabilitation through collaboration: involving service users in probation
  20. Bristol Seminar: Transforming the local criminal justice service: A behavioural science approach
  21. Manchester seminar - Justice devoluton: delivering better justice through justice reinvestment
  22. London Seminar: Valuing the voluntary sector (11 Sept, 2017)
  23. Manchester seminar: using innovative technology to deliver sustainable outcomes for people with disabilities and long term health conditions.(11 July)
  24. London seminar: Reducing homelessness in England and Wales (10 July, 2017)
  25. Seminar: Can small changes make a big difference? Applying behavioural insights to public services
  26. Leeds Seminar: What about the women? (5 July 2017)
  27. Manchester seminar: Developing place based services in Gtr Manchester slidepack (31 Jan 2017)
  28. London seminar: Experts by experience - engaging the service user (seminar slidepack)
  29. Manchester seminar: How can commissioners influence the success of policy making in the criminal justice system? (14 Mar 2017)
Published 11 January 2017