Case study

StudentshIP case study: iPcreate

iPcreate was Winchester University's programme of student focused IP workshops supported by Innovation Lecturers and IP/Business professionals.

IP create


This resulted in the development of a student managed Intellectual Property/Innovation Consultancy service for the Creative sector.

Once trained, the student delivery teams were supported, mentored and monitored. University staff and consortium partners from the creative and professional services sector were involved. This highly practical and intensive approach provided the students with a professionally credible level of knowledge. Knowledge was increased in intellectual property rights, tools and strategic issues relevant to the Creative sector.

The teams developed client focused skills and consultancy capabilities. They delivered Creative business support through a regular series of IP clinics with local creative individuals, businesses and organisations. This work supports the Business School in its application for Chartered status.


Benefits of the iPcreate programme are:

  • 123 students trained in all aspects of Intellectual Property relevant to business
  • 12 students trained in consultancy skills
  • 8 students operating as an IP consultancy business will real business engagement (30+ clients)
  • enhanced University/Business connections
  • support for a vital growth sector, now and in the future
  • development of case study material for teaching
  • development of academic papers (1 journal / 2 conference)
  • registration of local IP assets enhancing the Knowledge Economy

The programme development has been supported by fellow academics, local creative industry businesses and networks, Winchester Council and a team of 3 student managers. The student managers specialised in Network Research, Business Models and Operational Management).

What we have done

The key deliverables were:

  • website developed with enhanced functionality to support online content storage and delivery
  • a trade mark has been granted
  • a diverse Student Management team has been recruited
  • the initial Pilot workshops have been delivered to 123, third year students
  • the iLab model has been implemented to provide business contact through an Innovation Consultancy programme
  • the sustainable model has been developed with local Creative Networks
  • 8 students in 2 teams have delivered Business Support Clinics to local Creative Businesses
  • a student programme Manager was recruited
  • CIDI (Centre for Insight, Design & Innovation) has been launched and will house the iPcreate service and iPreview product
  • plans for a Creative Hub including an Innovation Lab and Incubation unit have been developed by the University
  • graphical logos for iPcreate and iPreview are being developed with the intention of trade marking
  • more than 25 local Creative businesses have registered their interest in a review during the Phase 3 stage

Future work

  • online content development and provision
  • ongoing Clinic Programme Delivery
  • continued iPcreate development via CIDI research centre
  • development of a Creative Hub/Lab with local funding support

Dr John Richardson

The iPcreate programme has generated great interest from students as they now understand how increasingly important intellectual property is, both for businesses and their own future careers. The iLab programme has further endorsed this embedded understanding, enabling students to engage with local creative business via an innovation based consultancy model.

Published 6 December 2016