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  1. Changes to the Centre for Defence Enterprise

    • Dstl and CDE
    • News story
  2. Presentation slides from CDE Innovation Network event: 17 November 2016

    • DfT, Dstl and CDE
    • News story
  3. CDE Innovation Network event: 17 November 2016, London

  4. CDE themed competition webinar: the future of aviation security

  5. CDE themed competition webinar: synthetic biology for transparent materials

  6. CDE themed competition webinar: beyond battery power

  7. Innovative technologies sought for aviation security

    • DfT, Home Office, Dstl and CDE
    • Press release
  8. CDE Innovation Network event: 1 December 2016, London

  9. CDE webinar: create a great CDE proposal, 10 October 2016

  10. CDE themed competition webinar: many drones make light work

  11. CDE themed competition webinar: autonomy in hazardous scene assessment

  12. CDE Innovation Network event: 22 September 2016, London

  13. Ministry of Defence and the Home Office seeking innovative solutions to defence issues

    • Dstl and CDE
    • Press release
  14. CDE Marketplace September 2016

  15. Improving efficiency and stability of diamond semiconductors

  16. Battlefield cell-based therapy

  17. Unmanned ground vehicle localisation without GNSS

  18. Automatic verification and fusion of open-source intelligence

  19. Command and control of autonomous vehicle groups in changing environments

  20. Improving intelligence data processing and enhancing situational awareness

  21. Real-time interactive query language

  22. Experience-based localisation

  23. Tools for data compression

  24. Mimicking ants to develop capability of autonomous vehicles

  25. Linguistic summary of sensor data to reduce data deluge

  26. Learning to trust the crowd

  27. Quantum random number generator microchip for secure communications

  28. Timeline visualisation for provenance-based big data sensemaking

  29. Hypothesis generation and visualisation from big data

  30. Live maps for unmanned air systems

  31. Position location through environmental recognition

  32. Dynamic cyber situational awareness tool

  33. Visual search and linkage tool

  34. Trustworthiness of information from big data sets

  35. Streamlining decision making in threatening situations

  36. Knowledge based autonomous big data validation

  37. Reducing the workload of an intelligence analyst

  38. Extracting visual navigation data from open-source imagery

  39. A synthetic environment for autonomous systems

  40. Dynamic generation of 3D maps using descending cameras