1. Authorisation

You must be authorised to talk to the Tax Credit Office about someone else’s tax credits. If you’re not, every time you call that person must first confirm their identity and say they’re happy for you to act for them.

Get authorised

Send form TC689 to the Tax Credit Office. This must be signed by the person (or persons if it’s a joint claim) you’re representing.

The authorisation lasts 12 months unless a different end date is put on the form. It usually takes 2 days to get authorised from when your form is received but can take longer if you send a letter instead of form TC689. Usually, you won’t get a letter confirming your authorisation.

More than one person can be authorised but each one must send a TC689 form.

Tax credits will not be paid into your account unless you’re the appointee.

If you act for a lot of clients

Write to the Tax Credit Office to register as an ‘intermediary organisation’ if you work in the voluntary sector and act for many people.

You can get urgent authorisation online if you’re an intermediary organisation and you have a completed TC689.

Use form 64-8 to get authorisation if you’re a paid agent. You can then use the Agent Priority Line to contact the Tax Credit Office.

Cancel an authorisation

An authorisation can be cancelled by writing to the Tax Credit Office.