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You must obtain a licence from the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) if you carry out any of the following gas related activities in England, Scotland or Wales:

  • supply gas by pipes to any premises
  • convey gas through pipes to premises or to another pipeline system
  • operate as a gas shipper (to introduce gas into, convey gas through or take gas out of a pipeline system operated by another gas transporter)
  • operate a gas interconnector  (co-ordinating the conveyance of gas into or through a gas interconnector or making such an interconnector available for conveying gas)

Applications can be made online. You can also apply in writing by completing the application form available from Ofgem which may be returned to Ofgem by post or email.

A fee of between £350 and £1,050 will be payable depending on the activities covered by the licence.

You will be required to provide detailed information on the application form including:

  • your contact details
  • details about your company and its directors
  • details of the ultimate holding company and directors, if applicable
  • shareholder details
  • previous applications and licences held
  • details of modifications that you wish to request to the standard conditions
  • any criminal convictions
  • how you propose to start your business
  • details relating to the specific activities relating to the licence

Ofgem may contact you to request additional documents to support your application, including details of your bank account, solicitors and auditors.

If you are required to attend an interview you may be asked to provide the following original company documentation:

  • incorporation documents
  • resolutions
  • minutes from meetings
  • annual returns and accounts
  • forms appointing and resigning directors
  • register of directors
  • register of members

Your application will not be processed until all relevant information and documents have been received by Ofgem and the fee has been cleared.


Once Ofgem considers that your application is complete they will provide you with a template with suggested wording for your notice of application. You must arrange for this to be published on either your own website, with a link to this on the Ofgem website, or the Ofgem website, within 10 working days. The notice must be published for at least 28 days.

Your application may be refused if, amongst other things:

  • you are insolvent
  • any persons named in the application are disqualified from being involved in company affairs or have relevant unspent convictions
  • you have previously had a licence revoked or refused

Ofgem aim to make a decision about your application for gas shipper or supply licences within 45 working days after they send you notice that your application has been ‘duly made’. Applications for other types of gas licences may take longer.