From Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation


You must be licensed by the Utility Regulator if you want to supply, convey or store gas, or operate a liquid natural gas facility, in Northern Ireland.

How to apply

There are 4 licences you can apply for:

  • gas storage
  • gas supply
  • gas conveyance
  • operating a LNG facility

You must place a notice - including a copy of the application - in the Belfast Gazette and in a local newspaper for each area where you intend to operate within 14 days of applying for your licence.

You should send a copy of each notice to the Utility Regulator as soon as possible after it’s published.

The Utility Regulator reviews applications normally within 1 month of receiving them.

If the Utility Regulator is satisfied that your application should be granted, a notification of intent will be placed on their website and a public consultation will run for at least 28 days. You’ll be notified of the Utility Regulator’s decision at the end of the consultation period. 

If your licence is granted, it will be subject to a number conditions depending on your circumstances.

The Utility Regulator will decide how long your licence will last for.

Fines and penalties

You can face an unlimited fine if you operate without a licence, operate outside the terms of your licence or make a false statement in your application.