Export shelf-stable composite products to the European Union and Northern Ireland: importer declaration 8352

Use these forms and guidance document to export shelf-stable composite products in accordance with Article 14 of Regulation (EU) 2019/625 from Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) to the EU or to move them to Northern Ireland.

From 21 April 2021, if your composite product is shelf stable and contains no meat, this private attestation will need to be completed by the importer in the EU or Northern Ireland when your product is exported to the EU, or moved to Northern Ireland.

Composite products that are not shelf-stable, or that contain meat, require an Export Health Certificate.

If your composite product requires an Export Health Certificate already, you can continue to use the current composite product EHC until August 2021.

Section A: Forms

This form will be completed and signed by the importer in the EU or Northern Ireland. You may wish to download a version and populate it to provide them with some of the information they require, or to familiarise yourself with the content:

Section B: Guidance

The following guidance notes contains information on pre-export procedures for exporters.

What you need to do

This form needs to be completed by the importer in the EU or Northern Ireland. Unless a product is listed in the annex to this EU legislation, the form will need to be presented at the EU BCP when the consignment arrives.

The guidance notes in Section B contain information for exporters in Great Britain.

Export certificates are sometimes updated. The most up to date version will be found on this page. If you do not use the latest version, your export documents may not be accepted upon arrival in the EU or Northern Ireland.

New legislation is being introduced for Third Country exports into the EU from 21 April 2021. Some new EHCs are being introduced on 21 April 2021 and some existing EU EHCs will be replaced at that time.

These documents should not be used for exports before 21 April 2021.

Published 1 April 2021
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