Export horses to Tunisia: certificate 3097

Use these forms and guidance document to export horses to Tunisia.

Section A

Download the export health certificate (EHC), the export application (EXA) and any other supplementary forms.

Section B

Download the guidance document.

What you need to do

You need to fill in the EHC, the EXA and any other supplementary forms in Section A.

The guidance notes in Section B contain information for exporters and official veterinarians about export conditions and animal health checks.

Submit completed documents from Section A by email to: equineexportscarlisle@apha.gov.uk.

You can send up to five EHCs using a single EXA, for example, when exporting more than one horse.

To do this, your application must have the same:

  • export health certificate number
  • destination country
  • premises of origin
  • official veterinarian

What exporters in Northern Ireland need to do

Section A: Download and fill in the EHC. Ignore the EXA and any other supplementary forms.

Section B: Download guidance notes. This has information for the exporter and certifying officer.

Check the relevant commodity section of the DAERA website for any other mandatory forms.

Submit filled in forms using the DAERA online application system.

Always use the latest certificate

Before you apply, make sure you have the most up to date version of the certificate as certificates are sometimes updated. The most up to date version is hosted on this page.

Published 30 November 2018