Introduction of the Traditional Herbal Registration Certification Mark

A certification mark has been designed and launched as an additional visible symbol.

Article date: November 2009

A number of herbal products have now been registered under the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) scheme, which shows that they meet the required standards of quality, safety, and evidence of traditional use. Some of these products are starting to appear on the market, with many more expected in the coming months and years.

All THR products have a nine-digit registration number starting with the letters THR on the product container or packaging. To help consumers more easily distinguish those products benefiting from a THR from those which do not, a Certification Mark has been designed and launched as an additional visible symbol. Read more about the THR Certification Mark at


Article citation: Drug Safety Update Nov 2009, vol 3 issue 4: 12c.

Published 1 November 2009