Intravenous iron and serious hypersensitivity reactions

Clarification of advice on new recommendations regarding initial test dose.

Article date: September 2013

We would like to make you aware that on 9 September 2013, we updated the information in the recent intravenous (IV) iron and serious hypersensitivity reactions article published in the August 2013 issue of the bulletin. The article advised that an initial test dose on first use of an IV iron product for a new patient is no longer recommended; all references to this recommendation will be removed from relevant product information. However, the article has been updated to clarify that the advice for administration of a product remains otherwise unchanged. For example, for iron dextrans (CosmoFer), a slower rate of administration for the first 25 mg of iron is required for every dose.

If you read, downloaded, or shared the article before the update on 9 September 2013, please revisit the article to ensure that you have the most up to date information.

Article citation: Drug Safety Update September 2013 volume 7, issue 2: O1.

Published 11 December 2014