e-cigarettes and refill containers (e-liquids): report suspected side effects and safety concerns

Use the Yellow Card Reporting Scheme to support the safety of e-cigarettes and refill containers (e-liquids).

What and how to report

Members of the public and healthcare professionals can use the Yellow Card Scheme website to report any suspected side effects or safety concerns with e-cigarettes and the e-liquids used for vaping.

These issues could include:

• suspected side-effects that occurred after the use of e-cigarettes and e-liquids

• harm to children or non-users, including accidental poisoning

• safety issues or defects with e-cigarette devices

Your information will aid us in identifying previously unrecognised side effects or issues, and thereby help to support the safety of e-cigarettes. MHRA is working with Trading Standards to ensure products on the UK market meet acceptable safety standards.

An infographic is available as a reminder to report any unexpected side effects to the Yellow Card Scheme.


An e-cigarette (electronic cigarette) is a product that can be used to inhale nicotine-containing vapour via a mouth piece (also known as ‘vaping’). E-cigarettes can be disposable, have a refillable tank, or be rechargeable with single-use cartridges.

The Tobacco Products Directive has introduced new minimum standards for the safety and quality of e-cigarettes and their refill containers and a notification scheme for e-cigarettes and e-liquids containing less than 20 mg/mL nicotine with a volume 2 mL or under. It came fully into effect in the UK on 20 May 2017. The Directive also introduced new rules to ensure more information is made available to consumers with the product they buy and to protect children from starting to use e-cigarettes.

MHRA is responsible for the UK notification scheme for e-cigarettes and e-liquids. You can find information about the scheme and a list of notified products here.

About Yellow Card

Don’t forget, as well as reports for e-cigarettes, the Yellow Card Scheme can be used be used to report adverse reactions for all medicines, including nicotine-containing products that are licensed as medicines, herbal medicines and homeopathic remedies, and all medical devices available on the UK market.

The Yellow Card Scheme is vital for MHRA to monitor the safety of medicines and healthcare products in the UK.

Article citation: Drug Safety Update volume 10 issue 11, June 2017: 4.

Published 21 June 2017