Drug alert: recall of Gaviscon Advance Peppermint Flavour, Boots Heartburn Relief Peppermint Flavour, Peptac Peppermint Liquid, and Peptac Liquid Aniseed Flavour

Batches of this medicine are being recalled from the market because of low levels of microbial contamination.

Article date: December 2009

The following batches of medicine are being recalled from the market because of low levels of microbial contamination:

 Product    Batch number(s)*
 Gaviscon Advance Peppermint Flavour†     924471 and 925071
 Boots Heartburn Relief Peppermint Flavour‡    41808
 Peptac Peppermint Liquid‡    41808 and 41957
 Peptac Liquid Aniseed Flavour‡    41757

*All are 500 mL bottles. †A low proportion of bottles in batch 924471 are known to be affected and batch 925071 is being recalled as a precautionary measure (although no bottles in this batch are reported defective). ‡Precautionary recall due to low-level microbial contamination detected in a small number of samples from these batches.

The causes of the contaminations are under investigation and are unlikely to be harmful to normally healthy consumers. However, if these products are being used by patients with suppressed immune systems (eg, those receiving chemotherapy), the risk of infection and other adverse reactions cannot be ruled out. GPs or pharmacists receiving enquiries from such patients are requested to give professional advice and refer to the responsible treatment centre where necessary.

Further information is available in drug alerts issued Nov 17 and Nov 18, 2009.


Article citation: Drug Safety Update Dec 2009, vol 3 issue 5: 8a.

Published 1 December 2009