Central alerting system (CAS): access to urgent safety guidance

Use the central alerting system to view and search new alerts, as well as past alerts that were issued through the public health link and safety alert broadcast system.

Article date: October 2008

In September 2008, the Department of Health launched a new web-based system to enable healthcare professionals to access urgent and important safety guidance.

The central alerting system hosts safety information issued by MHRA, chief medical officer, Department of Health, and the National Patient Safety Agency.

The CAS replaces the chief medical officer’s public health link and the safety alert broadcast system. When a new alert is issued, key personnel will be notified by email. They may be instructed to cascade the information to colleagues. Those who received alerts through the public health link and safety alert broadcast system will continue to do so through the new CAS.

More information is on the central alerting system website

Article citation: Drug Safety Update Oct 2008, vol 2 issue 3: 8b.

Published 11 December 2014