Donate and volunteer to aid humanitarian disasters

You can donate money to aid organisations and agencies, or volunteer your time and skills if there’s been a natural disaster or humanitarian emergency overseas.


Donate through a major aid agency such as Oxfam or Save The Children, or through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). This will make sure your donation reaches those most in need.

Don’t send food or clothing directly to an affected area, because you could delay supplies reaching those most in need.


In the UK

You can help by volunteering to:

  • organise a fundraising event
  • staff a phone line for an aid agency
  • work in a charity shop

In the disaster-affected area

You can register with a disaster relief charity such as RedR if you have specific skills that can help, eg:

  • engineering
  • health
  • child protection
  • logistics
  • search and rescue

Don’t travel to a disaster-affected area unless you’re working with an aid agency.