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You may need a licence from Marine Scotland if you want to deposit substances or articles within Scottish waters, either in the sea or under the seabed.


Marine Scotland may include provisions in the licence to protect the marine environment, the living resources which it supports and/or human health.

Certain material depositing activities may be exempt, such as the deposit of scientific instruments, fishing gear, or material on the site of drilling for oil and gas.

A check should be carried out to ascertain whether the planned dredging or sea disposal operations are to be carried out in a designated bathing area. If they are, everything possible should be done to ensure the work is done outside the bathing water season (1 June to 15 September).

How to apply

You must supply any information and allow whatever examinations and tests the licensing authority feels necessary, to help them decide if a licence should be issued.

You should indicate whether the proposed operations are to take place within or close to a designated conservation area. Details of designated conservation areas can be found through Scottish Natural Heritage.

You may have to pay a fee.

For more information contact the Marine Scotland licensing team.

Marine Laboratory
PO Box 101
375 Victoria Road
AB11 9DB

You can also visit the Marine Scotland pages on the Scottish Government website.

Fines and penalties

You must follow any rules or conditions of the licence. It’s also an offence to present false information or fail to disclose information when requested.