Young AIDS Migrants in Southern Africa.


The negative impact of HIV/AIDS on household security, of which children's migration is both symptom and cause, has been identified as a serious threat to progress in poverty reduction. Using questionnaire data collected from 822 10- to 17-year-olds accessed through local schools in 2 rural and 2 urban areas of Malawi and Lesotho, this report outlines a project which aims: to explore children's migration as a context-specific response to AIDS; to examine the nature and impacts of AIDS-related children's migration; to inform policy responses to the AIDS epidemic; and to promote the voices of AIDS-affected children. Specifically it considers: What forms of migration do young people affected by HIV/AIDS engage in? What difficulties do young AIDS migrants face?; What coping strategies do young AIDS migrants employ?; What forms of support are available to young AIDS migrants?; and How might young AIDS migrants be better supported?


24 pp.

Young AIDS Migrants in Southern Africa.

Published 1 January 2007