WRENmedia report to DFID: Communicating research: contributing to sustainable development

Report on a Science reporting capacity building workshop, Kumasi, Ghana, February/March 2010


As part of WRENmedia’s ongoing capacity building for African science reporters, seven West African journalists (print and radio) undertook a ten-day training workshop in Kumasi, Ghana. The workshop theme was Farming with Trees, with input from twelve resource people, including research staff from the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG). Two days were spent ‘in the field’ at the Bobiri Forest Reserve. A local co-trainer (a participant on two previous better science reporting workshops) was employed to make contacts and arrangements prior to the course, and to give logistical and mentoring support during the workshop.

Lessons learned included: value of co-trainer, both logistically and to boost digital editing training capacity; having full formal partnership with local organisation proved difficult to arrange, but could be preferred for future workshops; trainees strongly valued the practical hands-on training format and the 'science safari' time, which allowed them to be immersed in the theme; technical difficulties with computer viruses and Windows/Mac incompatibility need to be addressed.

The trainees had a strong interest in the application of science in everyday life and business. This could form a theme for future workshops.


WRENmedia, Eye, UK, 9 pp.

WRENmedia report to DFID: Communicating research: contributing to sustainable development. Science reporting capacity-building workshop, Kumasi, Ghana, February/March 2010

Published 1 January 2010