Worldmade (wheelchairs) Phase 1, Final Project Report


This report includes: Goal purposes and outputs; Summary of work from the reporting period; Overall Results of findings obtained by the project; Implications of the results or findings for achieving the outputs and purpose of the project; and Priority Activities tasks for follow-up in order to pursue the Goal.

The WorldMade Low-Tech design which has undergone field trials in Sri Lanka (Phase I) will be used to pilot the WorldMade distribution process in one country (Sri Lanka, funded by USAID), helping preparation for regional scale distribution in Phase III. The High-Tech design has taken longer to develop, and was not finalised during this funding period.


Gavin, I., Worldmade (wheelchairs) Phase 1, Final Project Report, 2001, Bristol, UK; Motivation Charitable Trust, 4 pp.

Worldmade (wheelchairs) Phase 1, Final Project Report

Published 1 January 2002