Workshop Report No. 5. Headteacher needs analysis workshop.


As part of the research activities designed for the EdQual Leadership and Management Large Scale Project, two parallel workshops were held concurrently in Tamale and Cape Coast, Ghana under the theme ''Effective Leadership: the Driving Force of Quality Basic Education'. The rationale was to understand leadership activities performed by primary school headteachers and how they promote quality education in Ghana. Quality education is critical in Ghana's efforts towards reducing poverty in the country. Improving quality education through school leadership is therefore necessary for ensuring successful implementation of Ghana's educational reform. Understanding how headteachers perceive their own work and the challenges associated with their leadership tasks is critical in the delivery of quality education.

This report presents views expressed by headteachers during the Needs Analysis Workshops (NAW). It also presents main issues emerging from the researchers' workshop held in Cape Coast.


Report on meetings held 24-29 March 2007, Tamale and Cape Coast, Ghana. 13 pp.

Workshop Report No. 5. Headteacher needs analysis workshop.

Published 1 January 2008