Working Paper 20. Aid effectiveness in the WASH sector in Oromia region, Eastern Hararghe zone: The case of Goro-Gutu and Babile wordeas.


Lack of access to safe water and sanitation facilities is an important issue on the development agenda that has caught the attention of political leaders worldwide. The leaders have committed themselves to the endorsement of the MDGs and the actions taken at global level. So far a number of supportive tools have been developed to support implementation of the global targets, including the Declaration made in Paris on Aid Effectiveness.

Ethiopia is one of the countries with low access to WASH facilities, which in turn affect the productivity of its people. Ethiopia’s government is aware of the challenge and is putting in place a series of policies and strategies to address the problem, including decentralisation of power and development of macro and sectoral development programs. This study looked into the implementation of effectiveness of aid management in the case of the WASH sector. The study was conducted in two woredas in East Hararghe.


RiPPLE Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 33 pp. plus Research Summary

Published 1 January 2010