Women's empowerment: an annotated bibliography


This bibliography gathers together a range of materials which discuss women's empowerment from varied perspectives in order to provide an accessible introduction to key concepts, approaches and debates. Over the next five years the RPC will add to this list through identifying new and innovative resources and publishing collaborative work by the partners (see the list of partners at the end of this document). RPC publications and an updated bibliography will appear on the RPC website, www.pathways-ofempowerment.org (launched in October 2006).

BRIDGE is working closely with the RPC. BRIDGE is committed to global gender liberation and women's empowerment. BRIDGE seeks to provide practical information to support policy, programming and activism which promotes women's rights and gender equality

The resource is divided into:

  • Key texts
  • Policy and practice
  • Evaluation
  • Critiques and debates


Esplen, E.; Shirini Heerah; Hunter, C. Women’s empowerment: an annotated bibliography. (2006)

Women’s empowerment: an annotated bibliography

Published 1 January 2006