Women in irrigation


The review, produced in 1996, identified current knowledge on the subject of women in irrigation.

The review concentrates primarily on writings relating directly to gender issues in irrigated agriculture, but also includes more general rural and agricultural development material where content is seen to be relevant. Entries of special interest are followed by an abstract.

The review begins by summarising the main findings under the following headings:

  • Women's workloads
  • Education and literacy
  • Extension
  • Credit
  • Benefits, rights and obligations
  • Participation in water resource decisions and policies

The findings are supported by a succinct index of references, numbered from 1 to 164, which provide information on the; Title, Author, Reference Number and Page Number.

Further information is provided in a more extensive index, including; Publisher, Year, Number of pages, ISBN number, Language and Volume number. Where possible abstracts are included.

The Country Index lists all reference numbers related to any one country. A Subject, Organisation Index and Author Index are also included to facilitate location of references.


HR Wallingford, UK. 112 pp.

Women in irrigation

Published 1 January 1996