Why do garment workers in Bangladesh fail to mobilize?


This chapter seeks to address the empirical question posed in the title from the perspective of garment workers themselves and other actors in the process. The chapter is arranged as follows. The first section elaborates the institutional context for mobilization. The next section discusses the unique labour contract in export garment manufacturing. The two sections following discuss the role of workers’ associations in garment workers’ struggles for rights and describe the different types of protests that have evolved over time. The section after that assesses their cost for garment workers. In the final section the chapter tries to draw some conclusions.

Owing to copyright restrictions, only the first 3 pages are attached, together with a link to the book at Zed Books.


Mahmud, S. Why do garment workers in Bangladesh fail to mobilize? In: Citizenship and Social Movements: Perspectives from the Global South.. Zed Books, London, UK (2010) ISBN 9781848133884

Published 1 January 2010