White papers on GCP communications and knowledge sharing: GCP’s institutional memory (publications, information and websites)


A series of Position Papers have been drafted by the CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) team in collaboration with external experts. The goals are to communicate the outputs and deliverables from each research component during 2004–2014, and to explore options for enabling and ensuring that the potential benefits of these components will be fully realised in the future.

As an upstream science programme, one of GCP’s prime products is knowledge. The GCP network and partnerships bring together a diverse array of applied research teams and scientists from developing and developed countries, CGIAR Centres and universities. Their work has led to the accumulation of a large stock of knowledge that will remain valuable after the Programme closes in 2014. For example, IBP can be used by breeders to help organise their projects and analyse their data; the publications are very important to those that cannot afford journal subscriptions, while the learning modules are useful both to practitioners as well as in the classroom or training courses. All this knowledge, however, only becomes useful if it is accessed, well documented and applied. The goal would then be three-pronged: (i) to work out how to make the knowledge that GCP has produced and accumulated accessible; (ii) how to keep it suitably relevant and up to date: and, (iii) how to increase and broaden awareness of these products. [A link to the PDF of the draft version of this paper has been retained in case of difficulties in reading the final e-paper version.]


GCP Management Team. White papers on GCP communications and knowledge sharing: GCP’s institutional memory(publications, information and websites). Generation Challenge Programme, Mexico (2012) 10 pp.

Published 1 January 2012